Safe Neighborhoods

Reduce Crime - Crimes have continued to plague our neighborhoods.  Reducing crime begins with adding more police beats in our higher crime areas with an emphasis on community policing.  We deserve to feel safe in our homes and around our neighborhoods.

Support our Heroes - I will work hard to provide our firefighters, EMTs, corrections officers, and police officers with the pay and benefits they deserve.  Atlanta brands itself as a world-class city; we should have world-class public safety departments to match that brand and protect our citizens and visitors.

Prosperous Communities and People

Code Enforcement - Due to the economic downturn almost ten years ago, thousands of vacant, blighted, and abandoned properties remain standing throughout Atlanta. Although the recession is long over, the city has failed to adequately address the blight in our neighborhoods.  These blighted properties undoubtedly lead to more crime, as multiple drug markets, runaway children, and even dead bodies have been discovered in them.  It is long past time to address these code enforcement issues in order to revitalize our neighborhoods and reduce crime.

Support Small and Local Businesses - We are blessed with many small and local businesses in Northwest Atlanta.  I will make it a priority to support the existing small businesses and make starting a new one easier.  The process to start and maintain a local business should be streamlined and affordable. I will ensure the processes from permitting to licensing are accessible to all, and I will make sure economic development monies are available to small and local businesses, not just large corporations.

A Sustainable City

Balance Growth and Affordability - As the City of Atlanta and all of metro Atlanta continue to grow, we need to monitor our growth to verify the growth is healthy and universal.  I will support reforming our long-outdated zoning codes and implement affordable housing initiatives.  Our seniors, public servants, and other disadvantaged should have safeguards to protect them from displacement.  This displacement can occur due to cost of living increases driven by unrestrained growth.  Everyone who grew up in this great City and everyone who has chosen to make it their home should be able to afford living in the neighborhoods they call home. This is especially true for our teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

Improve Parks and Urban Waters - Our communities are home to many wonderful parks, from Whittier Mill Park in Historic Whittier Mill Village, Jennie Drake Park in Collier Heights, Spink-Collins Park in Bolton, Lillian Cooper Shepherd Park in Lincoln Homes, and Underwood Hills Park in Underwood Hills.  I will work to improve our established parks and work to create new ones. We also must work hard to rehabilitate and maintain our waterways in Northwest Atlanta, from Peachtree Creek to Proctor Creek to Sandy Creek, all which flow into the Chattahoochee River.  We will work together to ensure these long-neglected waterways are something we can all be proud of.

Do you have additional issues or concerns?  If so, I want to hear from you. E-mail me at or call 404-590-4910 to make your voice heard.